Sunday, 30 September 2007

Fun factor was there too

Kassel 1st Day of Workshop by A Prior Magazine

First day of our workship was organized by Andrea Wiarda, editor of A Prior, the magazine based in Ghent, Belgiun. We attended conversation between Allan Sekula, Documenta 11 and 12 artist, featuring in the last issue with another editor of APM Monika Szewczyk. In the afternoon they were joined by Sven Augustijnen and Valerie Mannaerts, who are also APM artists in the framwork of Documenta 12 Magazines Platform. Dicussed where their contributions to the magazine. In addition they brought the matter in which extend pages of the magazine can be understood as the space for art as well as artist's contribution the actual artwork. Timely question in the frame of this gigantic show offering so much less intimate involvement in the process of perception and rather superficial reading, shaped by the scale and offered very little guidance for general public.

Day 2 in Kassel

waiting ...
finally inside!


after all day with art!

Friday, 28 September 2007


Impression from Documenta made by Igor Duszyński & Kordian Lewandowski with Ola`s and Roma`s help.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Participant: Niko Solorio

Niko Solorio (Video Artist / Musician) -

Niko’s very wry and humorous works are concerned with the false constructs of identity that play out in visual media. His video installations often embody a dreamlike point of view–a sort of dulled, satiated, reflection upon desire, which is posited for the viewer as a safe place in world replete with representations. Also an experimental musician, he performs as POCKET NIKO (, a one-man-band that is spreading DANCE REVOLUTION across the land with analog digital beats and harmonies.

Here you can watch his music video called DANCE REVOLUTION