Saturday, 28 July 2007

Participant: Anne-Louise Hoffman

Body and photografy are the main elements of my work. I am interested in the many different meanings of what an object can be. In that it is interesting for me to work with textures to question an object meaning.
I worked in different rooms with several objects and my body.
In "Gemach" the person, the body becomes a texture and also background.
For me it is a philosophical question about the importance of somebody or even the unimportance. Different matrials are forming the space.
Things get lifely through the background of the body.
These are important things for me and I know taht they are not fullfiled any time. I would like to discuss about that situation, about the general vanity of thoughts.

Anne-Louise Hoffman - born 15.06.1984, since 2003 studies in art in Mainz.

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